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Mari and I, and two friends of ours (Elina and Pasi), made an autumn day hike in the Kilpisjärvi area in September, 2015. First we crossed Kilpisjärvi lake by the ferry Malla, and the walked to the Three-Country Cairn (Finland, Sweden, Norway). From there we hiked through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve and back to Kilpisjärvi.

M/S Malla M/S Malla

Pikku-Malla Pikku-Malla

Koltaluokta Koltaluokta

Trail Trail

Birches Birches

Kuohkimajoki Kuohkimajoki

Lake Kuohkimajärvi Lake Kuohkimajärvi

Small river Small river

Pasi and Elina Pasi and Elina

Three-Country Cairn Three-Country Cairn

Norwegian water Norwegian water

Norwegian mountains Norwegian mountains

Golddabakti Golddabakti

Dwarf birch Dwarf birch

Cirsium helenioides Cirsium helenioides