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After visiting the Three-Country Cairn (see previous album), we hiked through the Malla Strict Nature Reserve and back to Kilpisjärvi. We saw, for instance, the Kitsi waterfall on the hike.

Malla Strict Nature Reserve Malla Strict Nature Reserve

Finnish-Norwegian border Finnish-Norwegian border

Trail Trail

Duckboards Duckboards

Views Views

Rᨨája river Rᨨája river

Lake Kilpisjärvi Lake Kilpisjärvi

Rakka rocks Rakka rocks

White reindeer White reindeer

Kitsi waterfall Kitsi waterfall

Kitsi river Kitsi river

Stony trail Stony trail

Pikku-Malla and Mallalammit Pikku-Malla and Mallalammit

Autumn colours in Lapland Autumn colours in Lapland