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Scotts Head

Our first trip to somewhere away from Roseau was to Scottshead area in the very south of the island. The village is particularily known for its tombolo that connects Scottshead peninsula to the mainland.

Like so often in Dominica, there are many ways how to spell the name of the village. It's often 'Scotts Head' or 'Scott's Head'. Ancient Kalinago name for the place is 'Cachacrou'.

View from Roseau Scottshead peninsula Tombolo Trail Tombolo and village

Shrine Scottshead village Bushes Visitor centre Visitor centre (2)

Bus to Roseau Sheds Fishery Roger's Restaurant Boat

Seaside road Road and houses Road and houses (2) Tombolo and peninsula Road construction

Road construction (2) Sea defence wall Sea defence wall (2) Gallette Seaside Cottages View from Galion


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