Galion (or Gallion) is a small village on a mountain between Scottshead and Soufrière. It's worth of visit for the great sceneries from village to the Caribbean Sea.

The village is also particular for being located in a volcanic crater. Morne Patates volcano has not erupted for thousands of years but the sulphur springs inside the crater are a testimony for ongoing volcanic activity.

It is expected that Dominica should encounter a volcanic eruption in next few decades or centuries. Morne Patates is one of the possible sites for such event.

End of the trail Trail House on the slope Gate Trees

Trail (2) Trail (3) Galion village Public convenience Caribbean Sea

Car wrecks Kubuli Musical Band Streetview Church of the Nazarene Village and crater

Roseau 9.5 miles Sulphur springs Road Road (2) Cow

Palm trees House Crater House (2) Cow on road


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