Canefield is an urban area about five kilometres from Roseau to the north. Nowadays it is practically a suburb of Roseau. Canefield is located by the sea but the area reaches far uphill toward the Antrim Valley.

Canefield airport is the second airstrip of Dominica. It is small and not so much in use. The runway is short and landing is difficult due to crosswinds and mountains.

In the vicinity of the airport, there is some small industry, wholesale business, largest supermarket in Dominica and Old Mill Cultural Centre.

Canefield is always on the way when travelling from Roseau to the north. Hence we visited there several times and also the photos below are taken in different days.

Canefield from the sea Canefield and Morne Daniel Old Mill (sign) Old Mill Cultural Centre Art exhibition

Creole dresses Old Mill Old Mill (2) Old Mill (3) Sugar mill

Sugar mill (2) Locomotive Road to Roseau Crossroads Church

Houses Ambassador Hotel Coca-Cola truck Brizee's Mart Check Hall

Roger West Coast view


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