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Prince Rupert Bay

Prince Rupert Bay is the largest bay on the west coast of Dominica. Therefore, it is called Grande Anse in French. It is a good natural harbour and has thus been popular with Kalinago indians and European colonists in the past, as well as with present-day cruise ship tourists and yacht people.

On this page, there are some pictures from the bay as well as from Picard and Glanvillia areas at the southern part of its shores.

On next four pages, there are more photographs from the bay and its vicinity: the town of Portsmouth, Indian River nature site, Cabrits national park as well as Lagon and Douglas Bay areas to the north of Portsmouth.

Cabrits and shipwreck Boats Rainbow Boat and ship Sailing vessels

Club Med 2 Portsmouth and cruise ship Picard Ross University School of Medicine Stray dog

Glanvillia jetty Claudia, Mari and Randolph Claudia, Niko and Mari Courts Sunset


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