Pennville is a small village in the north of Dominica. Its name is sometimes also spelled Penville or Peineville.

We spent one night close to the village at home of an Dominican-American couple (Angus and Annabelle). From there, we continued by foot to the direction of Vieille Case. Few days later, we came there again by a rented car and visited the Cold Soufrière (sulphur springs) which are located close to the village.

House and garden House and garden (2) Mari and Niko Poinsettia Soursop

Annabelle Angus and Mari Road Demitrie River Goat on the road

Small valley House Upper Pennville Road (2) Houses

Pennville House and sea Road (3) Houses on the ridge Roosevelt Skerrit

Some pictures from the Cold Soufrière:

Volcanic crater Hills Trail Bois bandé Trail (2)

Cold Soufrière Sulphur spring Sulphur mud Moss and plants Swamp

Swamp plants Mari Mari (2) Annabelle and Angus Niko and Mari


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