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Anse Du Mé & Hampstead

Anse Du Mé and Hampstead are two villages on the north coast of Dominica. Both of the villages also have a nice beach.

Name of Anse Du Mé is often misspelled as 'Anse de Mai' (Bay of May). However, the bay was named after a French captain called Du Mé.

Anse Du Mé is often listed as one of the official ports of Dominica. The port facilities are nevertheless rather basic.

We didn't visit the nearby Hampstead village itself but stopped at an abandoned church which is located close to it and visited the Hampstead Beach.

First some more general views of Dominica's north coast:

North coast of Dominica Blenheim Estate Chuval Blanc Point Anse Soldat Hampstead cape

Next there are pictures from the beach and village of Anse Du Mé:

Anse Du Mé Anse Du Mé jetty Rocks in the sea Anse Du Mé (2) Anse Du Mé (3)

And finally, images from the Hampstead area:

Abandoned church Church inside Hampstead Beach Hampstead Beach (2) Walking

Angus Hampstead River Car and palms Atlantic Ocean Road


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