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Carib Territory

Carib Territory covers about 15 square kilometres of the northeastern Dominica, at the Atlantic coast. The last Island Caribs, or the Kalinago, of the Caribbean live there.

The terrain is mountainous and the people are poor. There are about three thousands Caribs living in small hamlets of the territory.

We spent there first two days, and visited again few days later when driving around the island with a rented car.

Most important sights of the Carib Territory include the Salybia church, Kalinago Barana Autê cultural village, and L'Escalier Tête-chien lava formation. There are separate photo pages for each of them. Rest of the photos that I took in the Carib Territory can be seen below.

House and road Mari Bend Cassava bakery Atlantic Ocean

Bataka Tunubuku Library Carib Council Canoes Satisbie Isles

Cabin Police station Salibia Souvenir vendors Cabin (2)

Bionics Guest House Common room Boa constrictor Views from the balcony Garbage

Salibia Isles Basketball court Road Radio relay mast Houses

Fair Trade office St. Cyr Houses (2) Gaulette River Souvenir stand

Domino Anse Baleine Garden Bus stop


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