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Castle Bruce

Castle Bruce is one of the big villages on the east coast of Dominica. Due to its flat land and relatively sheltered bay it has been inhabited already for thousands of years.

The Kalinagos called the area with name Kouanari (in some old maps the name was written as Couanary). The bay is still called Anse Quanery in the maps, or alternatively Saint David Bay (as Castle Bruce is the central village of Saint David Parish).

Occasionnally, one can see the name written in a creole way as Kassibrus.

We visited Castle Bruce area twice during our visit: first when we travelled around the island by buses and by foot, and for second time with a rented car. Below, there are photos from both of our visits.

Village Houses Church Church closed Church (2)

Senhouse Bus stop Crossroads Banana farm J. Graham farm

Castle Bruce River Bridge Castle Bruce River (2) Castle Bruce Valley Castle Bruce Beach


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