You can use the picture as an image link in a blog, discussion board or at your own homepage by using either one of the codes below.

The code is emphasized with grey background colour.


In most of the blogs and other webpages you can use the HTML code.

<a title="Warehouses" href="http://travel.domnik.net/img-en/07dm-dominica/30/15.shtml"><img alt="Warehouses" class="domnik-hor" src="http://www.domnik.net/photos/tp/07dm/mid/30/15.jpg" /></a>

CSS class: domnik-hor (for more info: CSS code for link photographs).


At most of the discussion boards you can use the BBCode.


Terms and conditions

See conditions for each photograph at its own page.

Linking: The license and copyright issues that are available at photograph's own page do not limit the use of codes above which can be considered as linking. This requires, however, that the link target is not changed and the image used in the link is the small-sized photograph that one can see on the top corner of this page.

Scaling or cutting the photograph above in smaller size is allowed. In this case, the user has to copy the file to one's own webspace. Also, changing or removing the 'alt' and 'title' descriptions as well as the CSS class is allowed.

Larger images: Use of the larger-sized image is possible if the photograph is licensed under a license that permits it. Non-commercial use is allowed for some of the images (see photograph's own page). Even in that case a prior permission of the photographer is required for commercial use.

Some of the photographs are not licensed. In that case, all rights are reserved. Using those photographs in other websites or publications is not allowed without prior permission with the exception of using linking codes given at this page.

Photographer: Most of the photograps of this site are taken by the site's owner Niko Lipsanen (NL). Some photographs may have different photographer. Nevertheless, contact can be made via site's owner. Initials of each photographer are marked next to the date of each photograph.