Wallhouse (or Wall House or Gillon) is a suburb few kilometres to the south from Roseau, near the village of Loubiere. We rented an apartment called Neva's Nest from there for the last eight nights that we spent in Dominica.

Wallhouse used to be an important sugar plantation in the past. Nowadays it is, however, a middle-class housing suburb.

Neva's Nest Neva's Nest (2) Sea view Dinner Houses

Wallhouse Tree and houses Flash D Bobbs Clinton Street Lenny Street

Lenny Street (2) Winski Street Winski Street (2) Ann Marie Street Houses and sea

Rossi Street House Houses on the slope Wilma's Cottage Leona Drive

Leona and West Leopold Drive Street and houses West Leopold Drive West and South Leopold Drive South Leopold Drive

Calvary Baptist Tabernacle Baptist Tabernacle Road down Sugar plantation


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