West Coast

West coast of Guadeloupe is called La Côte-sous-le-vent in French. That means downwind coast, sometimes called Leeward in English. East coast that faces the trade winds is called upwind or Windward coast (Côte-au-vent, or Cabesterre).

The west coast is the least developed area with income levels below the average in Guadeloupe. Nevertheless, we saw there several places where new buildings were just built or were under construction.

As the buses were still few we continued hitch-hiking. Getting rides was not very easy, however, so it took some time. We got one ride from Deshaies to nearby village of Ferry Leroux and from there another one to little bit past the town of Pointe-Noire.

When driving through Pointe-Noire we saw a bus about to leave. We waited it on the roadside and took the bus to the city of Basse-Terre.

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