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Basse-Terre is the capital of the Department of Guadeloupe although it's nor the main economical hub nor the biggest city on the island (the hub is Pointe-à-Pitre while Les Abymes next to it is largest in population).

It was quit quiet in Basse-Terre on Saturday afternoon. We visited a small restaurant and had some dinner and walked around the empty streets to find a hotel or guesthouse. As we didn't find one but happened to see a bus leaving to Saint-Claude we decided to move on there. At least I knew that there was one hotel.

Rivière aux Herbes Rue Maurice Marie Claire City Hall Street view Cours Nolivos

Cours Nolivos (2) Rue du Docteur Pitat Rue des Corsaires Narrow alley Cathédrale Notre Dame de Guadeloupe

River with a bridge Place des esclaves Market Square General Council Palace of Justice

Roundabout Roundabout (2) Highway N1 Seaside boulevard Dog


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