Soufrière Volcano

On the first Sunday of the trip we decided to climb up to the Soufrière volcano. I had visited there few times before but for Mari it was the first time ever on a volcano.

We had luck as there were almost no cloud at the peak. That's not often the case. On my previous visit the peak was covered by clouds and I could not see all the great things that we saw this time.

Climbing was relatively easy but maybe we should have asked for a car ride to the beginning of the track. Now we had quite a lot of road to climb, too. On our way back some other climbers gave us a ride down.

National Park of Guadeloupe Timber line Volcano Niko and Mari Volcano peak

Mountain peak Shrine Old parking Mari Eboulement Faujas

Footpath Niko with a landslide Footpath (2) La Grande Faille Crater ahead

Crater Crater (2) Side crater Crater (3) Crater (4)

Mountain pineapple Flower of the mountain pineapple Portes de l'Enfer Mari on the top Piton Dolomieu

Foggy footpath Mari inside a cloud Tourists View Climbing down


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