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Terre-de-Haut, Les Saintes

The Saints (in French: Les Saintes) is a small archipelago which is part of the department of Guadeloupe. The archipelago is located between the main island of Guadeloupe and Dominica. The two main islands, Terre-de-Haut and Terre-de-Bas, are inhabited. We visited both of them.

Terre-de-Haut is the one where tourists usually go when they visit the Saints. The main village is very pittoresque and views from Fort Napoléon are magnificent. The island really is worth of a visit.

Ferry to the Saints Bourg Jetty Bar La Crique Marianne

Street view Boutiques and scooters Restaurants and boutiques Church New bell tower

Side alley Boutiques Café de la Marine Le Mouillage Boats

Fort Napoléon Fortification wall Fort Napoléon (2) Red room Water jar

Fort Napoléon (3) Fort Napoléon (4) Cactus park Cacti on the wall Cacti and Fort Napoléon

Most beautiful view of the Caribbean Îlet à Cabrit View to Guadeloupe Baie du Marigot Houses by the bay

Baie du Marigot (2) Maison Blanche Disco Road House

Sports ground Anse du Bourg Clipper Witchawk Fond Curé Anse du Fond Curé


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