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Terre-de-Bas, Les Saintes

Terre-de-Bas is the less populated and less visited one of the two main islands of the Saints (Les Saintes).

Terre-de-Bas has two villages, Grande-Anse and Petites-Anses. We drove by bus through the first one and spent few hours in the latter.

Ferry Anse des Muriers Southern islets Chez Man Rosette Scooters

Road to inland Petites-Anses Quiet street Petites-Anses (2) Downhill

Pullet and hen Downhill (2) Uphill House Goat

Petite Anse Petite Anse (2) Rain Niko Houses

Goat (2) Black goats Petites-Anses (3) Petites-Anses (4) Petites-Anses (5)

Petites-Anses (6) Church and cemetery Shell-framed grave Cemetery Graveyard

Wooden house Petites-Anses (7) Park Town hall Catched by a cat

L'Ordinaire Anse des Muriers (2) Car ferry Anse des Muriers (3) Anse des Muriers (4)

Le Pâté Îlet à Cabrit Fort Joséphine M/S Antoinette Mari


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