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A day in Saint Petersburg

In the morning, we went first to buy train tickets to Moscow. We got them to a train leaving quite early (at around 8 pm) which meant that we would be very early in the morning in Moscow. Anyway, we had a day to wander around in Saint Petersburg. The centre was already quite familiar to both of us.

First we visited the office of OOO Saimaan Liikenne travel agency as that was were we had got our visas. We asked if they could have registered it but that was quite expensive. As it would be done in the train, anyway, we didn't bother. We walked around the city and spent some time in the parks. Also, we met our friend Karina. We could leave the bags to the office where Olga was working (it is located close to the Main Post Office).

Church of the Saviour on Blood Field of Mars Hanne with her backpack Eternal fire A big yellow building

Vasily Island and Neva Peter and Paul Fortress Hanne and a pint of beer Niko lying in the park People in the Aleksandrovsky Park

Flower clock Fountains in Neva Pietari-Paavalin hiekkaranta Yellow flowers Dog looking out from the car

Saint Isaac's Cathedral Main Post Office River boat under the bridge A canal Mormons

Scrapped car Mihailovsky Garden Russian Museum Park alley Hanne and Karina

Pond Karina Maneznaya Square Church on Spilt Blood River Moika

Tree Olga at work Hanne with a locomotive Moscow Station Hanne in the train

From Saint Petersburg we took a night train to Moscow ».


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