Kazan, Tatarstan

This is the first out of six photo pages from Kazan, the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan. The other five pages are:

» Kazan Kremlin
» Kazan city centre
» Parks of Kazan
» Novo-Savinovsky suburb
» River Volga (with Kazan river port)

Night train from Moscow arrived to Kazan at morning. We bought a map from a general store close to the railway station and made a walk in the city centre of Kazan.

There were some people at the station but otherwise the city looked suspiciously empty. We were later told that it was some kind of a Russian public holiday which explained the quietness.

Coupé cabin of the train Niko in the train Trackside view Platform Eastern Orthodox priest

Railway Station of Kazan Railway Station and a square Gable of a building Hanne and a dog Stray dog

Mall Pyramid Another view of the pyramid Sports hall Kazan Stadium

Sport buildings Kazan Circus Square next to the UFO Lenin Bridge

For the next, we decided to climb up to the Kazan Kremlin ».


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