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Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Citadel (Kremlin) is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The dominant feature of the citadel is the reconstructed Qol-Şärif Mosque (there seem to be several different ways to spell its name). We walked some time in the citadel and also met our Hospitality Club host Amir there.

Kazan Kremlin Artillery Cannon Foundry Tainitskaya Tower Söyembikä-torni Cannon foundry tower

Tatarstan National Art Museum Spasskaya Tower Consistory Tower Public offices Qolshärif Mosque

Kul Sharif Mosque Qol Sharif Mosque Kremlin yard Souvenir shops A tower and some boutiques

Amir and Hanne Kremlin view Sheinkmana street Main street of the Kremlin View from the wall

UNESCO logo Amir and Niko Kremlin wall Mosque and Preobrazhenskaya Tower Southwestern Round Tower

After leaving from Kremlin we made a walk with Amir in Kazan city centre ».


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