Kazan city centre

After leaving the Kremlin we made a walk in the central parts of Kazan. Amir was guiding us.

On this page, there are also photos taken in central Kazan in the next two days (I decided to put them all here together).

View from the Kremlin War memorial Musa Jalil Tatar men Government offices

Kremlevskaya street Kremlevskaya street and the Kremlin Shevskogo street Faculty of Physics Tatarstan National Library

Baumana street Chapel of Bogoyavlenskaya Church Baumana pedestrian street Niko on the weighing machine And my weight is...

Fountain Hotel Tatarstan Mintimer Shaimiev Big new building Pushkin street

Clouds on Pushkin street Pushkin street downwards Old houses Tatar salesman with Hanne Niko with the Tatar salesman

Kazan Opera House Aleksandr Pushkin Kazanin City Hall Tatarstan Government V.I. Lenin

Opera House Karl Marx Street Taloja Marx-kadun varrella Green house Humanitarian-Pedagogical University

Students Nurulla Mosque Tatarstan Street Kazan city centre Baumana street again

Dancing man Shalyapin Palace Hotel Hotel Regina Beer wagon Niko with a mug of kvas

Hanne and Amir Museum of Soviet art Academy of Agriculture Saint Varvara's Church New buildings

We also visited some parks of Kazan ».


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