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Parks of Kazan

As I told Amir that I do research on green spaces he wanted to show us some parks of Kazan. And they were pretty interesting. Hanne wasn't that interested and preferred to study some Tatar language with Amir while I made a walk in the parks.

First we visited Lenin's Park and Black Pond Park next to it.

Aleksandr Butlerov Building next to the park Stairs Learning Tatar Benches below trees

Lenin Park Arbour Fountain in Lenin Park Great Purge Memorial Black Pond Park

Buildings close to the park Park alley and arch Sports ground and houses Decayed house Black Pond

Sports ground Wooden building Playground for children Bower Stairs and arch

Next four photographs are from Black Pond Park and nearby when we visited there again in the following day.

Amir under the arch Ruins close to the park Ruins Inside a house

After the parks in the city centre we walked to Gorki Park which was located a bit further.

Gorki Park Wide park alley Pedestrian bridge Ruined building Millennium Bridge

New yellow building Eternal flame Bus stops Hotel Korston

On the following day we happened to walk to Molodozhenov Park which is located close to the river port of Kazan.

Molodozhenov Park Trees Park alley Hanne in the park

After walking around parks we went to northern suburbs of Kazan » where we were going to stay overnight.


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