Novo-Savinovsky, Kazan

We were hosted in the suburb of Novo-Savinovsky in the northern part of Kazan. We spent there two nights.

Kazanka river Ferris wheel Blockhouses Courtyard Kiosque in the court

Pigeons Reddish blockhouse Balconies Saint Tikhon's Church

We spent our first evening in Kazan with Amir and his friends.

Hanne trying to sell her mobile In the bar Air hockey game Amir Niko

Goal! Hanne and Viktor Leaving the game hall

After leaving from the game hall I fell in the street and slammed my camera to the asphalt. As a result, some of the photographs from the rest of the trip have some black on their edge.

Yellow and white building Reddish-greyish blockhouse Shopping centre Hanne and a dog Dove house

Doves Two doves

For our second and last day in Kazan we took a short riverboat trip on Volga ».


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