Mari El Republic

Our next destination was the Republic of Mari El.

At this page there are photographs from the countryside of Mari El. First ten photos are from the train from Kazan to Yoshkar-Ola. The last 14 ones are from the bus trip after leaving Yoshkar-Ola in the following morning.

Houses by the track Ilet Meander River Ilet Map

Shelanger Shelanger station Surok Houses in Surok Pemba

These photographs are taken on the way from Yoshkar-Ola toward Kozmodemyansk.

Vizimyary Road and houses Vizimyary bus station Sign Bus station clerk

Sand road House and a dog Bus Men in the bus Korotni

Ticket office River Volga Volga ferry Ferry

Following page has photographs from Yoshkar-Ola », the capital of Mari El Republic (the photos from Kozmodemyansk are one page further).


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