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Ekaterina, our host in Yoshkar-Ola, told us that there are many old wooden Mari houses in Kozmodemyansk. So there was. We spent there few hours watching the town and visiting an open-air museum.

Kozmodemyansk is named after Saints Cosmas and Damian. There is also a newer section in the city but we didn't visit there (only passed through it by bus).

Crossroads and a statue Path up to the city Wooden house Wooden outhouse Another wooden house

Gas pipe Niko Log house corner White house Street with houses

Decorated house Brownish house White stone building Blue house Church

Another photo of the church Church by the street Tree and houses Road View to River Volga

Open-air museum Window and flowers Mari house Courtyard of the house Hanne sitting

Hanne in a shed Hanne looking for shoes Room inside the house Cartwheels Swings

House and well Kitchen garden Houses and a windmill Windmill Houses in the museum

Blacksmith's shop Inside the forge Grinding machine Inside the windmill Granaries

Old wooden house Mari log house Two-storey loghouse House and birch

From Kozmodemyansk we took a bus to the highway and hitchhiked to Moscow ».


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