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Hitch-hiking to Moscow

Hanne insisted to hitch-hike to Moscow. We took a bus from Kozmodemyansk to Highway M7 (that is, E22) in the Chuvash Republic.

It was quite easy to get a ride although we had to wait for a while. We were expecting to get only to Nizhniy Novgorod but the car that took us was going almost to Moscow. We ended up in a town close to Moscow. As it was already night, we made the rest of the way by an unofficial taxi.

Chuvash Republic Highway M7 Hanne hitchhiking Highway café Car transport

In Moscow we stayed overnight at the student flat of our friend Dima.

Hanne stayed in Moscow for one or two more days. As I had to get back to Finland I decided to take a train to St. Petersburg.

Leningrad Station in Moscow

However, there was no room in the trains. Hence, I took a local train to Tver » and hoped to get a ticket from there.


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