My reason to come to Tver was that I couldn't get a ticket to train from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Nevertheless, it was not a bad idea. Theme of this trip was Volga river and it flows also through the city of Tver. It is not far from where it begins.

I bought a ticket to St. Petersburg from the railway station and made a walk in the city. I walked to the Volga and back. It was quite cloudy and getting dark so I didn't visit too many places.

Station Square Hotel Turist People Railway Station Another photo of the station

Prospekt Tchaikovskogo Small chapel Chapel Big crossing River Tmaka

Cleaning truck Tramway at Tverskoi Volga Novyi most Building on the right bank

Volga right bank Prospekt Komsomolsky Bus stop Park on the left bank Fountain

Painted trees Staryi most Right bank of Volga Church Religious mural

Olimp mall High-rise building More blocks of flats Gable of an apartment building Park and a block of flats

Tramway tracks Tramway Older tramway Tramway in the park Blue-white tramway

Streetside park Park alley Balconies Pink block of flats Brick block of flats

Wide sidewalk Tracks, street and a building Dog Platform

After Tver it was time to return to St. Petersburg ».


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