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Tallinn Old Town in the winter

I have been to Tallinn for many many times. The old town, as it is located next to the ferry port, is always part of the visit. Still it seemed like a different place to me when I first encountered it as covered by snow.

This time, my wife Mari and I, we visited the old town last before returning to the ferry. Therefore, the dark was already coming when we reached it. While sitting in our favourite café Matilda at Lühike jalg street it became even darker. The snowy alleys were really beautiful in the night. Also the Christmas market – opened just a couple of days before at the City Hall Square – was at its best with all the lights in the dark.

Moreover, we noticed one more advantage of not having many cars there. While in the centre and port of Tallinn the traffic had made the street slushy, in the old town the snow was still white and clean. But it was slippery there, too.

Below are some snowy photographs from Tallinn Old Town.

Christmas market in Tallinn

Viru street and the old town gate

Restaurant Olde Hansa

Snowman at Rataskaevu street

Tallinn christmas market

City Hall Square (Raekoja plats) and the market

Shop near the city hall

Vana turg square

Uus street

Uus street

Vanaturu kael street and the city hall

Lühike jalg street

Lühike jalg street

CafĂ© Matilda at Lühike jalg street

Corner of Rataskaevu and Dunkri streets

City hall tower

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The photos were taken by the author (date: 2008-11-24) and are available for use under a Creative Commons license.

Author: Niko Lipsanen (2008-11-27)


The post was originally published in Finnish and is also available in French.


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