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Ecological living in the city

Some people prefer having a spacious apartment while others prefer a good location. My wife and I, we are among the latter ones. Our flat is tiny but it is in a good spot near the city centre of Helsinki and close to the seaside (we even have some sea view although the flat is at street level).

It just needs a little bit of attitude and innovative mind but having two adult people and a dog in a 16-square-metre flat (that's about 170 square feet). Just take a look at the photos below and see yourself.

16m2 flat

The first photo is taken through the ventilation window. It shows the essential features of the flat. First, there is the elevated 'living room' that leaves some storing space below it. Moreover, having elevating space to sit makes it easier to see the sea from the flat. The elevated floor also serves as a way to climb to the bed. Normally there are a table and a couple of chairs on it. The globe is attached to the wall as that is practically the only place where there is enough space for it.

Just below the ceiling there is also a kind of attic for storing some stuff.

Elevated bed

Here is another photograph of the elevated bed and the closets below it. Here our 'office hole' (photo further below) is also used as a storage. This is how we do when we go somewhere travelling and rent out the flat to someone else.

Elevated living space

Here is our 'living room' from another viewpoint. One can also see how the wide window board is converted to floor space by raising the floor next to it.


In need of privacy, one can always pull the curtains in front of the window.

Office hole

We have an 'office hole' below the bed. That is very practical since most of the time when we are both in the flat either one of us is lying there and using the computer. Meanwhile, the other one has rest of the flat for his or her own use. One does barely notice that there somebody else present.

This is also the space where we usually accommodate our guests.

Kitchen corner

There is a small kitchenette corner in the back of the flat.

WC and shower

Behind the kitchenette one can find toilet and shower.

Street terrace

When the weather allows it (mostly in the summer) the living room is moved outside to the sidewalk.

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The photos were taken by the author (date: 2008-07-24 & 2008-08-03) and are available for use under a Creative Commons license.

Author: Niko Lipsanen (2008-11-26)


The post was originally published in Finnish and is also available in French.


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