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Cherry trees and Japanese Garden in Helsinki

In Roihuvuori, Helsinki, there are two parks with cherry trees: the Cherry Park and a Japanese Garden. They are worth of a visit particularly when the cherry blossom season is on at the spring. However, that only takes few days and the exact time is dependent on the spring weather.

The cherry trees in the Japanese Garden are a bit bigger than those in the Cherry Park. The latter ones are still growing and will be more impressive in a few years.

Below there are 11 photographs of blossoming cherry trees and the parks. The first four photos are of the cherry trees at Roihuvuorentie street, next to the Japanese Garden.

Cherry tree blossomBlossoming cherry trees

Roihuvuorentie streetMari and cherry flowers

A couple of photos from the Japanese Garden:

Roihuvuori Japanese gardenRoihuvuori Japanese park

One cherry tree at a children's playground and few more in the Cherry Park:

Kindergarden Tuhkimo ('Cinderella')Roihuvuori Cherry Park

Cherry trees and a water towerCherry tree park

There are blossoming cherry trees also in Kulosaari:

Cherry trees at Kulosaaren puistotie street

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-05-14)

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