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Dominican dogs

The island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean has some stray dogs. Not very much but still a considerable amount. Unfortunately the islanders do not treat the dogs very well. Many of them are thin and hungry and some have been attached to short chains with little space for moving.

We bought a bag of dog food and gave that to some hungry dogs that we met on the island.

Below there are 20 photographs of Dominican dogs – mostly stray dogs. First seven photos are from Roseau, the capital, and the next seven ones from Portsmouth, the second town of the island, and its surroundings. The rest are from the other parts of the island (last three ones from the Carib Territory).

Cathedral dog in RoseauRoseau dog gets food

Two dogs in the Botanical GardensDog with a tree

Is that a dog or a cow?Happy after having some food

Night dog in RoseauDog under a car in Portsmouth

Food for a stray dogThe same dog at Purple Turtle Beach

Dog in PortsmouthLying on the pavement

Thin dog in Picard, near Ross UniversityNight snack

Happy-looking dog of ScottsheadThin dog attached to a short chain

Calibishie dogGuest house dog at Carib Territory

Carib Territory dogAnother dog in Carib Territory

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-06-28)

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