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Hill of Crosses in Lithuania

Hill of Crosses (in Lithuanian: Kryžių Kalnas) is an impressive place. It is located in the middle of fields near the city of Siauliai in northern Lithuania (not far from highway A12 to the direction of Riga).

In Lithuania, the tradition of placing crosses dates back to the Middle Ages. To the Hill of Crosses they have been placed at least since the 19th century. In the Soviet times there were several occasions when many of the crosses were removed and destroyed. Nevertheless, the Lithuanians brought new crosses to replace them. Since 1985 the crosses have remained there in peace.

Pope John Paul II visited the hill in September, 1993. He encouraged franciscans to establish a monastery next to the site. It was consecrated in July, 2000. There are also plans to establish a convent for nuns in the area.

Below there are 30 photographs that I took when visiting the Hill of Crosses in October, 2005. See also other photographs that I took in Lithuania.

Hill of CrossesCloser view of the hill

Two JesusesCrosses by the path

Stairs to climb on the hillIn hoc signo vinces!

Paths between the crossesA crucified Jesus

Mary and JesusCrosses

More crossesPavilion where pope John Paul II held a Mass

Cross hanging on a cross hanging on a crossTubular cross

Jeesus and skyCrosses on a cross

View to the riverCrosses next to each other

Jesus in the middle of crossesRow of crosses

Crosses on JesusDecorated crucifix

Crosses on the hillsideMore hillside crosses

Wooden crucifix with carvingsCrosses, crosses

View of the hillFranciscan monastery

Crosses on the roadsideCross vendors

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-03-21)

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