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Martinlaakso, Vantaa

Martinlaakso is a suburb with concrete-made blocks of flats in the western part of the city of Vantaa, near Helsinki. I had occasion to make a short walking tour there although I only had time to visit the western part of the area.

Martinlaakso is probably best known for Formula One driver Mika Häkkinen who is originally from there. There is even a small square named after him (Mika Häkkisen aukio) although I didn't spot it on my tour (I later looked from the map that I walked pretty close to it). Also another Formula driver, Mika Salo, has lived some time in Martinlaakso.

The beginning of May may not be the most beautiful time of the year in southern Finland. However, I don't believe it would look too nice even in the middle of summer. I would say Martinlaakso is one of the worst examples of Finnish suburbs from the 1970s: scattered with huge parking lots, mostly ugly concrete buildings and far from anywhere.

Below 28 photographs from Martinlaakso, Vantaa.

Valkotie streetRailway bridge over Valkotie street

Vihertie streetSupermarket S-Market

Swimming hallMercuria Business College

Martinpuisto home for the elderlyRaappavuorenpolku and Viherpolku alleys

Raappavuorenpolku pedestrian alleyBlock of flats on Laajavuori hill

Car parkingNot so high blocks of flats

Laajavuorenkuja streetHouses with renovated façades

Laajavuorentie streetRaiviosuonmäki street

Sports ground in a place called LaajakorpiDay care centre 'Soittorasia'

Raiviosuonrinne streetRaiviopolku pedestrian alley

Laajaniitynkuja streetLaajapolku alley

Trucks parked next to the railway stationRailway station

Office buildingsNew buildings at Laajaniityntie street

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-05-05)

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