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Monasteries of Armenia

I visited Armenia with my sister Nina at May and June, 2009. I will add some photos later to my travel photo pages. Meanwhile, there are some photos of our main interest in Armenia, the monasteries.

We visited eight different monasteries. There are many more of them in Armenia but we didn't have for more.

Below there are two photographs of each monastery that we visited.

Update: See also my other Armenia travel photos.


SanahinKhachkar stone at Sanahin


HaghpatHaghpat clocktower


HaghartsinChurch candles in Haghartsin


GoshavankMonastery is in the Gosh village


SevanavankThe new Sevanavank monastery


TatevTatev dormitory

Khor Virap:

Khor VirapKhor Virap and Ararat


GeghardAltar in the main church of Geghard

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-06-14)

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