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Winter photos from Pornainen

Pornainen is a small municipality in the region of Uusimaa next to Sipoo, Mäntsälä and Askola. It has population of 5000.

It is not far from Helsinki but, nevertheless, neither my wife Mari nor I had ever visited there. Hence we decided to make a Sunday trip there and see what kind of place it is.

Below you can see 30 photos from our visit. First, we visited Laukkoski village where writer Mika Waltari had spent quite some time in the summertime from 50s to 70s.

We also visited Kirveskoski which is the where administration of the municipality and most commercial and other services are located. Finally before leaving from Pornainen, we made a brief visit to the village of Halkia.

The main attractions we saw were the rapids of Laukkoski and Halkia, the church and the old traffic lights in the village of Halkia (relocated from Helsinki and not in use although still in working condition).

Waltarinkuja pedestrian bridgeLaukkoski village

Laukkoski community hallLaukkoski rapids

Mustijoki riverTown of Pornainen

Church'I Am the Light of the World'

CemeteryMemorial in the graveyard

Aurinkomäki service centre for the elderlySupermarket Siwa

Health care centreKirveskoski school

Thermal power plantSmall red building with a tower

Houses by the roadKuusisto Hall

Riitinki art galleryOld school building

Hairdresser and a caféOsuuspankki co-operative bank

Town hallLibrary

Aktia bank and a hardware storeFire station

Halkia villageOld traffic lights

Halkiankoski rapidsHalkiankoski power plant

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-03-25)

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