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Sipoonkorpi forest near Helsinki

Sipoonkorpi is a large forest area at the eastern edge of Helsinki. It lies partly inside the borders of the capital but is mostly situated in the towns of Vantaa and Sipoo.

The area is often compared to Nuuksio national park which is from Helsinki to the west. Sipoonkorpi is less developed as it does not have as many tracks. On the other hand, there are less people and it feels more like a wilderness.

These photographs are taken back at summer 2003 when I made a two-day trip there with my girlfriend Mari (now wife). We started our hike from Lake Kuusijärvi at Vantaa and followed partly trackless path to the east. Getting to Fiskträsk lake where we camped required climbing over several hills and we were quite tired when we finally reached our destination.

For return hike we chose a bit more southern path and arrived to Sotunki, Vantaa, were we could take a bus to the metro station.

Below you can see 28 photos from the hike.

Lake Kuusijärvi beachTrack to Sipoonkorpi forest

Track in the forestPath getting narrower

Forest trackBig rock

MarshEvening sun gives its colour to the pines

Mari climbing downKnutersintie road

Rusty casks in the forestLake Helgträsk

Fog on the meadowReturning to the road

Tent on the shore of Fiskträsk lakeLake Fiskträsk

Shores of Lake FiskträskBack to the forest

Rocks and junipersFerns

Trees on the cliffForest path

Rocky hillSmall birches and other trees

Small bridgeNybyggetintie road

Fields at Sotunki, VantaaSotunki

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2009-01-16)

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