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Lauttasaari water tower, Helsinki

The water tower of Lauttasaari island suburb in Helsinki had its 50-year birthday at spring, 2008. Therefore, it was open to public. I visited there too to take a look of the beautiful sceneries up there on the top.

Currently there is some discussion whether to tear down the tower or to renovate it to serve some other purpose as it is no longer used as a water tower.

Below you can see 17 pictures that I took on my visit to the tower.

Water tower and playgroundPeople below the tower

Water pipesStairs up

Stairs and pipesInterior view

Intermediate landingLight from the top

Another interior viewHelical stairs

Lapinlahti bridge and SalmisaariJätkäsaari port was still in use

Ourit and Hietaniemenkarit islandsVattuniemi to the south

Länsiväylä highwayKeilaniemi and Katajaharju


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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2010-09-22)

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