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Rööperinranta / Telakkaranta, Helsinki

Update 28-Mar-2011: The most probable name for the area will be Rööperinranta, meaning 'Rööperi waterfront'. 'Rööperi is a colloquial name for the neighbouring Punavuori district (in Swedish: Rödberg).

Telakkaranta is an unofficial name for an area between historic drydock of Hietalahti and Telakkakatu (Dock Street) in Helsinki. Although there is no dock activity in the area anymore it is still closed from public (there is, however, a working dock next to it).

There are plans to build new housing in the area and use the old brick buildings for commercial and culture activities. As part of Open House Helsinki in September 2010, the city planning division arranged a public walk in the area.

Below there are 20 photographs of Telakkaranta which I took at the walk.

Pay officeDriveway across the drydock

Southern side of the workshopWorkshop hall

Stairs and graffitiPipes on the wall

Carpenters' workshop downstairsCarpenters' workshop upstairs

View through a dirty windowDock crane

Historic drydockSouthern end of the drydock basin

Drydock basin and gateGate between the drydock and the sea

Brass foundryBrass foundry and a smokestack

Sawmill and brass foundrySawmill building

Weird wallNosturi building is going to be demolished

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2010-09-06)

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