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Ford House in Helsinki

Ford House is located in Hernesaari, Helsinki, by a street named after Henry Ford. It used to be the headquarters of Ford Motor Company in Finland and also an automobile assembly factory. The building was built in 1946. Ford occupied it until 1997.

Ford House was one of the places where a guided walk was arranged by the Open House Helsinki 2011 urban festival. Tour was on Thursday, September 15th.

On this post there are 20 pictures taken at Ford House. Of the current tenants, MultiTouch Ltd, Also Starring and Liisa Pentti let us in to see what does it look like inside.

In Helsinki dance scene it is thought that the building could become a House of Dance. That is, however, still rather uncertain.

Ford house at Henry Ford Street in HelsinkiMain entrance

Ford House hallAnother picture of the main hall

View from stairs to the hallStairs

Painting in the staircaseOffice rooms in the first floor

Wall material is probably recycled from used freight boxesCorner room

A row of windowsRoom of choreographer Liisa Pentti

Old lamp in the roof of workers' entranceSeaside hall is now occupied by MultiTouch Ltd.

Conference tubeBig hall on seaside of the house

Hall and the conference tubeUpper hall is occupied by Also Starring

Upper hall of the Ford HouseAnother room in the upstairs

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2011-09-19)

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