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Nuuksio National Park in the autumn

Nuuksio National Park is an area of forest, rocks and lakes in Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti, just 30-something kilometres from to the west from the city centre of Helsinki. I hadn't been there for while until this September when made a walk with Antoine, a French geographer, and Dora, a Labrador Retriever of my neighbour.

We walked from the northern end of Lake Siikajärvi to Kattila. Although we made detours to Haukkalampi and Iso-Holma lakes it was only a seven kilometre walk. It was a nice sunny Tuesday day and the park was practically empty of people. We didn't see anyone else there except a forest guard in his car when entering the park.

Below you can see 30 photographs taken at our walk.

See also older photos from Sipoonkorpi which is now a national park too.

Track from Siikajärvi to Nuuksio National ParkRocky hill near Siikajärvi lake

Flood in the stream flowing from Kolmoislammit lakesTracks in Nuuksio are wide and well marked

Birches on the shore of Pieni Romlampi pondPath climbing up to a hill

Forest on the rocky hillRajakallio hill on the border of Espoo and Vihti

Path from Rajakallio to the northStony path on the hillside

Stream flowing from Kolmikulmalampi to MustalampiBridge over the western end of Mustalampi lake

MustalampiFloating peat and camping site at Mustalampi

Path signs in NuuksioPath from Mustalampi to the west

Haukkalampi lakeRocks in the southwestern corner of Haukkalampi

Stones and trees on the rocky hillTree roots on the track

Tall pines and a rockIso-Holma camping site

Iso-Holma lakeAhvenistonsuo marsh

DuckboardsPine forest and shrubs

Haukkalamminkallio hillLeaves on the track near Kattila

Meadow in KattilaBus 85A from Kattila to Espoo centre

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2011-10-14)

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