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Aiheita Photos is a photoblog mostly about different places.

The blog is not updated anymore. New photosets are published at the Albums section of my travel photos site. Single images are added to Picture by picture photo pages.

Roads and bridges in Finland

This blog post has 29 photographs of roads, bridges and a ferry in different parts of Finland. The photos are taken in years 2008 to 2011. They can be reused under a Creative Commons license (see page of each photograph for more information).

Helsinki-Turku Highway (E18) near MuurlaLocal road 1863 near Muurla village in Salo

Häntälä Hollows in SomeroRoad, Neste gas station and a supermarket in Pusula

Dirt road and bridge in Pellinki, PorvooSmall bridge in Pellinki, Porvoo

Road 62 in Lietvesi, PuumalaRoad to Hätinvirta ferry in Puumala

Cars on Hätinvirta ferryHätinvirta ferry in Puumala

Road crossing in the village of Anttola, MikkeliRegional road 409 at Suomenniemi

Birches by a dirt road at Himalansaari in RistiinaSmall dirt road at Himalansaari in Ristiina

Gottby crossing at Åland road nr 1Bus arriving at Kastelholm stop on Åland road nr 2

Ring Road III (E18) near Hakunila in VantaaTraffic congestion on Helsinki-Lahti highway in Vantaa

Traffic jam in the crossing of Lahdenväylä highway and Ring Road III in VantaaTraffic accident at Helsinki-Lahti highway in Vantaa

Highway 3 (E12) from Helsinki to TampereTraffic at Highway 3 (E12)

Sääksmäki bridge on Regional Road 130Jännevirta bridge on the border of Kuopio and Siilinjärvi (Highway 9)

Leppävirta bridge on Regional Road 534Vehmersalmi bridge on Regional Road 536

Bridge for forest animals near Heinola (Highways 4 and 5, E75)Itä-Saamainen road crossing at Soisalo (Regional Road 536)

Bus leaving from Kulloo stop in Porvoo (Regional Road 170)

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2011-09-12)

Photos are taken by the author (NL). You can leave comments to the photos.

This post and the photos are also available in Finnish and in French.


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