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Aiheita Photos is a photoblog mostly about different places.

The blog is not updated anymore. New photosets are published at the Albums section of my travel photos site. Single images are added to Picture by picture photo pages.

Summer in Finland

On this page, there are 26 photographs taken in Finland from May to August, 2011. Most of the pictures are from Helsinki and Vantaa but there are also some views from lakes Kallavesi and Roine.

Dredging at Hernesaari, Helsinki2011 Open Europeans sailing competition in Helsinki

Brazil, Belarus and Bermuda flags in the sailing competitionCancelled train at Malmi, Helsinki

City hares in Eiranranta, HelsinkiCommon Blackbird looking at the berries

Climacodon septentrionalis on a tree in VantaaCloser view of the Climacodon septentrionalis

Nissbacka Manor sculpture park in VantaaRuins of the Nissbacka manor house

A horse in Hakunila, VantaaAnother horse in Hakunila

A squirrel in HakunilaEarly autumn flowers in Eiranranta, Helsinki

Restaurant Day in Helsinki: Thai food in the parkHernesaari container market at Helsinki cruise ship port

Tonibell ice cream van at the Senate Square in HelsinkiBenji jumper and a seagull

New and old Suomenlinna ferry meet at the seaM/S Orbiit off Kaivopuisto in Helsinki

S/Y Astrid with Liuskasaari and Suomenlinna islands in the backgroundA pleasure boat at Lake Roine

M/S Koski at Lake KallavesiM/S Ukko in Kuopio in the night

Savon Sellu paperboard factory in Sorsasalo, KuopioTent on a trailer in Hakunila sports park, Vantaa

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Author: Niko Lipsanen (2011-09-12)

Photos are taken by the author (NL). You can leave comments to the photos.

This post and the photos are also available in Finnish and in French.


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