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Travel photos : Niko Lipsanen


Niko & Mari

I am a left-handed geographer living in Helsinki, Finland. Originally I am from southeastern part of the country from a rural area near (and now part of) the city of Mikkeli. I was born there in August, 1974.

In the photograph on the left I am with my wife Mari on the top of Untersberg mountain in Austria. We were married in November, 2007. Our divorce will be official at spring, 2017. The photo was taken on July 28th, 2014 (photographer unknown). is my website and most of the photos there are taken by me (attribution given in other cases). My blog Aiheet (in Finnish) is also on the site.

I was graduated from the University of Helsinki at 2001 as a Master of Science. I work toward a PhD thesis in a research project dealing with urban green space.

I am member of several associations: my neighbourhood association (Muheira; also representing southern Helsinki in the board of Helsinki Neighbourhoods Association Helka), Etelš-Helsingin Kokoomus (southern Helsinki chapter for the National Coalition Party) and Dodo (an environmental NGO where I used to be active before and still a member).

I am also a church-going and God-believing member of the Finnish Lutheran church.

If you want to take contact, please see my contact info.