Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : Arrival to Åland islands (13 photos)

Arrival to Åland islands

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First part of the voyage was a ferry trip from Helsinki to Åland islands. M/S Mariella arrived in Mariehamn already at about 4:30 a.m. so there was not much time to sleep. As it was almost midsummer, it was still light enough to take some photographs when approaching Mariehamn.

Viking Mariella Viking Mariella

Kobbaklintar Kobbaklintar

Silja Symphony Silja Symphony

Red cottage Red cottage

Korrvik fishing port Korrvik fishing port

Port of Mariehamn Port of Mariehamn

M/S Birger Jarl M/S Birger Jarl

Mariehamn port terminal Mariehamn port terminal

Pommern Pommern