Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : Mariehamn East Harbour (13 photos)

Mariehamn East Harbour

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Passenger port where the ferry left me is the Mariehamn West Harbour. Nevertheless, let me begin this photo tour from the opposite side of the town, the East Harbour (Östra Hamnen) where the morning sun so beautifully shined. Two of the images, however, are taken on the return voyage few days later.

White shed on the jetty White shed on the jetty

Hotel Arkipelag Hotel Arkipelag

Paf Casino Paf Casino

Alandica Alandica

Restaurant ship Maneechai Restaurant ship Maneechai

Ro-No Rent Ro-No Rent

M Magazin shopping centre M Magazin shopping centre

Ålandsresor travel agency Ålandsresor travel agency