Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : Prästgården, Jomala (31 photos)

Prästgården, Jomala

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It was still an early morning and there was no public transport. Hence, I went from Mariehamn to Jomala by foot. It was not a long walk: Jomala main village Prästgården is about six kilometres from Mariehamn. I had plenty of time to watch the village as I waited its main sight, the medieval church of St. Olaf, to open its doors.

Welcome to Jomala! Welcome to Jomala!

Sparstugan Sparstugan

Sheep Sheep

Wooden fence and tower Wooden fence and tower

Jomala Church Jomala Church

Jomala Church and cemetery Jomala Church and cemetery

Jomala Church interieur Jomala Church interieur

Christian art Christian art

Municipal hall of Jomala Municipal hall of Jomala

Bus stop, granary and road Bus stop, granary and road