Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : Linnaean Garden (26 photos)

Linnaean Garden

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I visited the Linnean Garden (or Linnaeus' Garden, in Swedish Linnéträdgården) with Mari and Inka on the second day of my stay in Uppsala. It was rainy when we came there but happily it turned soon into sunshine. Linnean Garden is the old botanical garden of the Uppsala University (before it was moved to the castle gardens in 1787). It has been restored to its 18th century form.

Entrance Entrance

Carl von Linné Carl von Linné

Linnaeus Museum Linnaeus Museum

Orangerie Orangerie

Venus Venus

Lake pond Lake pond

Marsh pond Marsh pond

Perennial parterre Perennial parterre

Agave Agave

Inside the orangerie Inside the orangerie