Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : Grisslehamn and the Sea of Åland (39 photos)

Grisslehamn and the Sea of Åland

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We travelled from Uppsala to Åland islands the same way that I used to come to Uppsala. We took Eckerö Linjen bus to Grisslehamn and then by their ferry over Sea of Åland to Eckerö. On this page, there are images from Grisslehamn and from the Sea of Åland.

Väddöviken Väddöviken

Port of Grisslehamn Port of Grisslehamn

Grisslehamn Grisslehamn

Houses Houses

Albert Engström's studio Albert Engström's studio

Fishing vessel Fishing vessel

Eckerö Linjen Eckerö Linjen

Sea of Åland Sea of Åland

Signilskär and Enskär Signilskär and Enskär

Rocks Rocks