Travel photos : Åland and Uppsala 2010 : From Eckerö to Sund (21 photos)

From Eckerö to Sund

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The ferry took us to Eckerö where it was sunny this time. We continued our way by bus via Mariehamn to Sund where we had intention to visit Sund church and the Kastelholm Castle.

Eckerö Linjen Eckerö Linjen

Eckerö Hamnbutiken Eckerö Hamnbutiken

Marsund Marsund

Västra Klinten, Mariehamn Västra Klinten, Mariehamn

Jomala countryside Jomala countryside

K-Supermarket Mattsons K-Supermarket Mattsons

Färjsund Färjsund

Red cottage Red cottage