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Bath Estate

Bath Estate is a relatively new suburb in the valley of Roseau River. It is located to the east from Botanical Gardens and Central Roseau. Its northern (upper) parts were turned into housing district in the aftermath of Hurricane David that left many Dominicans homeless.

The lower parts of Bath Estate near Roseau River have been constructed later and the works are still going on.

Prior to being developed as a housing district Bath Estate was an agricultural estate that used to be important for its lime production.

Bath Estate Bath Estate (2) Valley Road Valley Road (2) Sisserou Lane

Orchid Lane Lakoudwe Drive Calba Grove Calba Grove (2) Lakoudwe Drive (2)

Lime Street Tree in middle of the lane Truck Gommier Street Gommier Street (2)

Gommier Street (3) Lakoudwe Drive (3) Balata Avenue Cedar Grove Cedar Grove (2)

Lakoudwe Drive Valley Road (3) Buildings Soccer field Football House

Pastel houses Houses Blue house by the road Lower Bath Estate Dead End Bar

Elmsall Estate Roseau River Roseau River (2) Houses near the river Street

Street (2) Crossing Street (3) Scrapped car Houses (2)

Houses by the street Houses by the street (2) Another street Houses by the street (3) Park

Unmodified house House construction Backyards Palms End of the street

Roseau Primary School Blocks of flats Valley Road (4) Bridge Old bridge

I took lots of pictures at Bath Estate. Therefore not all of them did fit at this page. There are some more at extra pictures.


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Roseau photographs of this site are taken by Niko Lipsanen. The pictures on this page are taken in November and December, 2007. Older images (taken in 1999 and 1993) can be found at the old Roseau Photo Gallery.

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